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    SEO Technical Audit – what’s involved?

    Our Website Audit is primarily a technical audit which identifies problems with your website which could potentially hinder its search engine ranking performance. Common examples of these issues include broken links, duplicate content, missing pages (404’s) and server issues.

    As part of this process we’ll also conduct a website audit which looks at whether or not your website is mobile responsive, the user experience (UX) of your website which assesses how straight forward it is for customers to navigate and use your website, and we’ll also look at identifying any improvements which can be implemented to help you reach the goals and objectives of your website.

    Your website will be assessed agains our technical checklist and, once complete, you will receive a copy of this checklist highlighting the positives and negatives of the results. We’ll also include suggestions on how any issues can be resolved. The audit comes completely free and with no obligation.

    Here’s list of the criteria we use to assess your website:

    • Link Analysis
    • Accessibility – Assessing cross-browser support and mobile device usability
    • Indexed page review – Cross-referenced with your Robots.txt and XML sitemap
    • Site Structure/Architecture Review
    • Site Performance -looking at page load speeds etc
    • Brand Search Performance
    • On-Page Ranking Factors- looking at heading tags, URI’s, HTML markup etc.
    • Metadata Review
    • Image Optimisation Review
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