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Employing an in-house digital marketing team is a luxury some companies can’t afford, and going to a large full service won’t necessarily get you the best value for money. We offer affordable monthly digital marketing services, we’re skilled, disciplined, have experience of working in-house, and we’re passionate about getting you results.

One of the key benefits of working with us is that we offer a diverse range of services – all included in the cost; web development services, email marketing, social media marketing, graphic design services, seo and content marketing is all included in your monthly fee. We’ll respond to the needs of your business and there will be no additional charges for ad-hoc services that are identified.

Our Digital Marketing Services are available to you for as little as £500 +VAT per month. Start a conversation with us below or scroll down to find out more about what is included.

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    SEO Technical Audit - what's involved?

    Service Included? Details
    Web Development Services Yes All aspects of web development are included on supported web development frameworks. We will assess your website in advance and advise the level of support that we can offer. We can also set up additional / replacement websites for you as part of your contract at no additional cost.
    Web Accessibility / Cross-browser Support Yes Ensuring your website is accessible to all is key to maximising your website's potential reach. We can test your website across different versions of various browsers, including hand-held and mobile devices and make improvements where necessary.
    Mobile Site Optimisation Yes With well over a third of all searches now being conducted on mobile devices it has never been more important to have your website set up for mobile. We can help make your website responsive or if necessary, we can build you a dedicated website specifically designed to target your mobile audience.
    Blog & Content Management Integration Yes The growth of high quality content on a website is one of the key indicators which affects SEO performance. The likelyhood is that you have skilled staff who's expertise lies in your product or service. We can give you the tools to allow them to share their knowledge online andattract visitors to your website. If you need help writing and publishing content, don't worry - we can help with that too!
    SEO Programming Yes
    HTML Markup Optimisation Yes
    Load Speed Performance Optimisation Yes
    Search Engine Optimisation Services Yes
    Site Structure/Architecture Improvements Yes
    On-page Ranking Factor Imrpovements Yes
    Metadata Optimisation Yes
    Conversion & Click-through Rate Optimisation Yes
    Usability Improvements Yes
    Keyword Performance Tracking Yes
    Digital Marketing Services Yes
    Graphic Design Services Yes
    Email Marketing Yes
    Social Media Marketing Yes
    Content Marketing Yes
    Online PR Yes
    Customer Satisfaction Analysis Yes
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